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  Pathway to CA Membership

•    Become a Chartered Accountant through recognition of your expertise, experience and good standing


•    Become part of a 117,000-strong network of business and finance leaders, and more than 1 million highly qualified accounting professionals around the world
•    The Special Admission to membership application form must be submitted for assessment
Our priority remains on servicing our members and strengthening awareness and recognition for the value our members bring to business and their communities.
We are focused on contributing to build on our members’ reputation for ethics, quality and business success that has been built over 100 years.

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What are the benefits of joining CA?

•    Become part of a 117,000-strong network of business and finance leaders, and more than 1 million highly qualified accounting professionals around the world.
•    Professional guidance and education from one of the world’s leading higher education providers in accounting.
•    Being part of an organisation that is a thought leader and an advocate for the industry.
•    Access to Chartered Accountants  Professional Standards (Limitation of Liability) Scheme if you meet certain criteria.
•    The opportunity to be recognised as a specialist in SMSF.  
•    Advisory services which includes mentoring and technical support.
•    Subscription to Acuity (Chartered Accountants  award-winning bi-monthly business magazine).
Send us your application
Please send your completed application together with all of your supporting documentation to our Enrolment and Admissions team.
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Pathways to becoming a CA

CA Benevolent Foundation
Established in response to the challenging circumstances facing members of the accounting profession, their families and the wider community


•    The CA Benevolent Foundation is one of the ways we give back to our communities.
•    The Foundation operates the Scholarship Fund and the Necessitous Circumstances Fund.
•    Donations are tax deductible.

Give back

Our Chartered Accountants Benevolent Foundation operates two distinct funds that seek to make a difference to people in need in our communities.
•    The Scholarship Fund offers scholarships for tertiary education or the Chartered Accountants Program. Marginalised and disadvantaged Africans and world citizens who can demonstrate an interest in accounting, and who are in financial need can apply.
•    The Necessitous Circumstances Fund offers financial assistance to individuals. Marginalised and disadvantaged Africans and world citizens in financial need can apply. Funds are given to them personally or through a charity partner.
Seed funding for the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Foundation came from the then member bequests. The Foundation has deductible gift recipient status and donations are tax deductible.
Suggestions for potential recipients for assistance by the Foundation are also welcomed.



1.1 Admission of a member body or individual shall be at the discretion of Council. Council shall however be guided by the following considerations:

a.    The applicant shall be nominated by a member body;
b.    Where the applicant is nominated by a member body from another country, then the member body, if any, in the applicant’s country shall be consulted;
c.    The applicant shall be an organisation in good standing within the accountancy profession, recognized by law and general consensus within its country as being substantially national, provided it is not a governmental body;
d.    Submission of a duly completed application for membership which shall contain such information as may be determined by Council from time to time. The application shall be supported by a member body. Where the application is supported by a member body from another country, then a member body, if any, in the applicant’s country shall be consulted.

1.2 Every member body shall be required to pay a registration fee for admission and annual subscriptions determined by the Council which shall become due on such date as prescribed in the Constitution.

1.3 Member bodies shall, three (3) months before the meeting of the General Assembly, communicate to the President/Chairman of Council names of their proposed representatives other than Council members, at the Assembly.

1.4  Membership shall be forfeited in one of the following cases:
a.    Non-payment of subscriptions and fees within six months after the same shall become due;
b.    Non-compliance with the Constitution and Bye-laws;


2.1 The Council shall have power to do anything which, in its opinion, is calculated to facilitate the carrying on of the activities of OIACA