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•    Want to work anywhere in the world? The CA designation could be your passport to an international career
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•    Want to be globally recognised? Join one of the globe’s top ten leading accounting bodies and connect to a 1,000,000 strong global knowledge network *

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By choosing the Chartered Accountants Program, you’re partnering with one of the world’s leading higher education providers in accounting.
We are one of the professional accounting bodies in Africa and world in general registered as a higher education provider by the Namibian government. Once you complete the Program and become a CA, you’ll also hold a Bachelor Degree in accounting, finance and economics.
As a Chartered Accountant, you’ll be equipped to thrive in a fast changing world, with the unique perspective and skill set required to make a difference to the challenges of our time.

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we’re recognised among leading professional accounting bodies in the world.
That means your designation is not only recognised as one of the most highly regarded professional accounting qualifications in the world, it’s also your ticket to play in major capital markets overseas.
The CA Program provides you with the freedom and flexibility to work in exciting environments all over the world - wherever you see yourself making a difference.

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You'll study alongside the future leaders in business and finance, joining them as part of a 1,000,000 strong knowledge network in 180 countries.
It's this connectivity that can help keep you on top of the latest industry insights, give you access to thought leadership and offer opportunities to grow your career.
Swimming with sharks, Hamish Jolly CA, has taken the CA designation into the environment

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